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At MindGate we are all about solutions!
That is why since 1986, we have provided the best business printing solutions, and since 2010 some of the best site and app solutions on the web. Many times we feel that our customers do not like us, because we never hear from them. When we ask why? they say…
because your software just works!.

MindGate is a small privately held Corporation of Tennessee that was formed in 1986. We are loaded with engineers, PhDs, and master's degrees in Math and Physics and Software Development. In 2006, we reorganized the company from MindGate Technologies to MindGate.com Corporation to push a recognizable dot com name, and to expand our distribution, support, and marketing for the web. We also formed Marla Corporation, which is solely focused on engineering and software solutions.

MindGate's first success was to develop the Riyadh Airport operations software; and subsequently, the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI or Star Wars) EV88 defense software- where we made a real "War Games"- not fake like the movie. Some of our products are still used today! In 1990, defense cutbacks refocused our attention to commercial software, and we turned to the Mac, and in 1995 to Windows.

From the introduction of our first Mac product LaserMerge in June 1992, to the latest version of PrintChef in 2016, we have been dedicated to the production of top quality, friendly, and extremely powerful solutions for banking, hotel management, check printing, utility billing, grade reports, mass mailing (U.S. PAVE certified) with CASS certification, and a host of other products that solve every kind of printing problem a customer might have. In fact, since its introduction in late 1998, PrintChef has only had 7 customers whose problems were so complex that we could not solve them.

While we have good ideas, not everything we do becomes a marketable product. Through the late 90's and early 2000, MindGate worked with HP and Stamps.com to deliver print-to-mail systems, print-your-own stamps, binding machines and printing solutions only suited to our print engine. Today, Stamps.com uses a different delivery mechanism, and HP never did complete its "BindJet" laser binding system for customer delivery. We were disappointed needless to say! Going our separate way, in 2012, we introduced MailHouse, our mass-mailing adjunct to PrintChef... print-to-mass-mail!

Lately, we have turned our attention to the worldwide web with real estate web sites, virtual touring systems, iPhone and Android apps, and web cards. To get a better understanding of the road we have taken and the plans for our future products, please feel free to examine our "Solutions" and "Timeline" pages.

We are located in the quiet hills of Tennessee 20 miles North of Huntsville, Alabama on the edge of a family Apple Orchard; and have worked for high-technology agencies like those in Huntsville's SDC (strategic defense command) and NASA's space and rocket center, and for Tullahoma's Arnold Air Force base. High tension work for sure, but since we are also located 20 miles from Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, we know how to play as hard as we work! We have been at the same address since 1986.

MindGate started in a garage like most Macintosh and Windows companies, and that office is still used today for testing. In fact, we are one of the few software companies that actually have a software testing lab- and more importantly, we actually use it! Our software stability and lack of bugs is largely due to Martha Scarbury, who is now our President, and an individual with an uncanny ability to break any piece of software.

Our founder, Lawrence Beyl, with a Ph.D. in Physics and sofware development, has stepped out of MindGate's presidency to run the Marla team. Main software development and new ideas and efficient solutions are what we expect and get from this team. His software was the principle reason for our success in the defense industry.

Our focus as a company is to provide solutions that "just work". And, while we have the best support team in the industry, generally our solutions just don't need it. In fact, most of the time our customers contact us to register, get a variation to a printing solution, or to purchase. Our "bug report" ledger is very thin!

But, even with these formidable talents, occasionally a bug will get by us or we may miss a market opportunity! And, this is where MindGate stands apart from other companies- actually we listen to our users! And, unlike other software companies, MindGate distributes most of its upgrades free-of-charge... that's because we don't expect you to pay for our mistakes or oversights!

Please feel free to investigate our solutions, contact us for questions, or try some or our web-based stuff. For 32 years, we have been at the same location, with the same people, providing solutions to Mac and Windows since their inceptions. We can help you with your printing solution... that is what we do!

At MindGate, printing is a science- that is why our products work with every application and every printer.

These products are available for Windows XP,7,8,10.
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The larger customers listed here are using multiple PrintChef related products to print checks, utility bills, taxes, grade reports, pins, and much more. Many other customers were one-off and did not make this list. Most customers have multiple sites, and some have hundreds of installations covering different vendors or franchises. If you would like to contact a customer for verfication or recommendation, please contact us first so we can ensure your queries will not be an intrusion. Thank You… Martha Scarbury
Printing checks from QuickBooks on blanks forms
Printing AP and Payroll checks from 23 Other Accounting Programs on blanks forms (both envelope and pressure-seal)
Simply adding Electronic Signature to Check Printing
Printing Bank Receipts and other Forms
Printing Grade Reports for Schools
Printing W2, 1099, etc. Tax Forms to blank stock
Printing Utility Bills and Usually Mass Mailing Same
Added Mass-Mailing CASS Certification and
PAVE Sortation to Printing
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